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Très Chic Stitchery is owned and operated by Smith International Enterprises just outside of Cleveland, Ohio.  For over 15 years, Smith International has been the North American Distributor of the extraordinary scissors and haberdashery products of Maison Sajou of Versailles, France. Maison Sajou is famous for wonderful threads, needles, scissors, alphabet patterns for cross stitch and embroidery as well as other haberdashery items.  All of these products are made in France.  The Maison Sajou scissors are made in small French workshops and are prized by collectors and needle craft aficionados.

The company was originally founded in the 1800's by Jacques Simon Sajou.  After his death the family kept the company going for some years.  Then for 50 years the company name was dormant in France.  Jacques Simon Sajou, the founder of the original Maison Sajou, was born on the 25th May 1805. Without even knowing this (she would find out much later) Frédérique Crestin-Billet opened the Sajou website the 25th May 2005 - 200 years later to the day!  There is no doubt that Monsieur Sajou, himself a pioneer of his time, would have thoroughly approved of this progress! 

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