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Slow, and Steady Stitches

Many of you know that knitting has been a big part of my life.  I can knit with most sized needles although I love anything larger than a US size 10.  I can knit in the dark or without looking as long as the stitch pattern is in my hands and my head.  I learned to knit in the continental style so its speedy and satisfyingly quick.  I love the immediacy of knitting with thick yarn and large needles!  But stitching is SOOOO different. 

For the past couple of years I have been spending more time with needle and thread as opposed to knitting needles and yarn.  At first I found it frustrating that I couldn't find a way to move more quickly through a project.   Now I am working in a more creative way with different stitches and thread colors where the creative process is more complex.  I found myself thinking about this over the weekend while working on a project.  All of a sudden it occurred to my how calm I was.  I wasn't hurried or stressed, just relaxed and breathing easily.  I realized how my expectations have changed.  Instead of working big and seeing the finish line in front of me, I found myself examining how each stitch and thread color created shading and texture.  

I'm working on a series of portraits that are inspired by photographs.  I am a novice, learning with each choice I make in fabric, thread and needle options.  Here are a couple of examples of recent pieces.  

What are you working on?  What challenges have you overcome with your stitching?  We would love to hear about and see what you are working on with your needle and thread!  Email me: