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Christine Mauersberger - Artist of the Month for April

I am so very pleased to introduce one of Ohio's own textile artists, Christine Mauersberger.  Christine uses a variety of materials in her work from new silk and linen to worn pieces she finds in resale shops.  She loves to give new life to recycled fabric.  She loves to stitch and finds serenity in the process of creating her work.  She is not just creative, but adventurous and brave!  

Christine works both small and large, from a 3" diameter piece to a full room in three dimensions.  In one example she hand stitched a preserved sea grape leaf using Sajou silver thread.  Another piece is stitched on a reclaimed skirt. At the other end of the spectrum, Christine created a three dimensional room size installation called Momentum.  This piece is 10' high, 14' wide and 8' deep and she used ruby lithe sewn on tulle.  You can see the development of this piece in an interview here:  Christine talks about Momentum

I have known Christine for a number of years.  We connected because of her fondness for Sajou threads and a love of stitching.  "Growing up, the sound of my mom at the sewing machine was the sound of comfort in the evening". She followed down her mother's path working with textiles and stitching.  "For me, the process of mark-making, whether stitched, drawn or printed, is my way of making a physical artifact of the progression of time".  Christine's work can be found in many private and public collections and featured in wonderful publications including Slow Stitch: Mindful and Contemplative Textile Art.  She has also been the recipient of numerous fellowships and awards including the Ohio Arts Council Awaard of Individual Excellence, a $20,000 Creative Workforce Fellowship and a Windgate Craft Artist Fellowship from the Vermont Studio Center.  

You can see more of Christine's work below and on her website:  Christine Mauersberger

Copper Circle

Hand stitched using Sajou metallic thread\

Preserved Sea Grape Leaf

About 3" in diameter

"For Alice"

Materials:  silk/cotton thread and metallic threads from Sajou

Hand stitched, Detail image of a gift I sent to Alice Fox who is an artist in the UK.


Reclaimed wool skirt, silk/cotton thread, felt, silk eco print, hand stitched


20" x 21"