And a fun stitching time was had by all!


On Saturday, October 21, we had our first workshop on Spontaneous Stitching enthusiastically taught by Christine Mauersberger.  Nine of us learned new techniques for stitching mindfully and creatively.  Each person came from a different artistic background ranging from a landscape architect to a teacher of eco dyeing.  The four hours flew by quickly with interludes of music playing while we stitched and found our creative touchstones.  Christine enjoys finding inspiration in poetry, prose, quotes by other artists and creative people and in our natural world.  This was an introductory class, with so much more to explore and investigate.  We are planning more workshops like this in the future, and perhaps a weekend retreat.  Please let us know if this would be of interest to you.

When I arrived home I began thinking of a particular project that had reached a stalemate in my mind and fingers.  I picked it up and new ideas and stitch patterns began to take shape.  Within a few hours I was on a new path with ideas forming with my stitches.  It was clear to me that the workshop tickled my creative juices and I was on a roll.  

What techniques do you use to reignite your creative energy?  We would love to hear from you.  Write us at 

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