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The Elegant Embroidery of Kirsten Chursinoff

Inspired by the natural environment of Canada's west coast, Vancouver native Kirsten Chursinoff's embroideries are detailed images of butterflies, birds and gorgeous flowers.  We are so pleased to feature her this month in our artist profile.  A trained textile artist who began working with thread as a young girl, Kirsten uses both hand and machine embroidery in her work.  She describes her work as "painterly" and we have to agree.  Her use of attention to detail in the stitches and her bold use of color show her tremendous ability." 


She loves working on needle felted fabric as in the piece above called "Chickadee and Pebbles."  She begins her process with photos and reference material including photocopies, transparencies and "look tokens of inspiration." I create with both machine and hand embroidery.  My children are still quite young so hand embroidery is perfect for when I'm constantly being interrupted.  

Fabric collages are used as the foundation of some pieces, giving texture and additional context to her work.  


This piece is free form cross stitch entitled "Hollyhock Garden". 

For more information about Kirsten Chursinoff you can visit her website:  Kirsten Chursinoff

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