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Places for Inspiration - Textile Artist Resources

Places for Inspiration - Textile Artist Resources

March came upon us and we have been traveling to shows and meeting with retail partners.  Along the way we missed curating our next Artist of the Month.  So its a good time to share some of the resources we use find out what artists are up to, and where we go for inspiration.  I usually check into Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. These are daily haunts that often lead me to fascinating new places.  I often jump from these and go to the original website for more information.  I am sure that many of you do the same internet dance.  

There are some sites that I regularly visit.  One is  This UK based site publishes articles about artists working with all forms of textiles.  There are brief biographies and great photos of current and past work.  The site also features archives so you can go back through the years and see the artists who have been profiled.  The site is run by Joe and Sam Pitcher.  Their mom is textile artist Sue Stone and she and her mom Muriel have been an inspiration to them from the time they were very young children.  They also feature books, guides by various artists and a great newsletter.  

I am also fascinated by other organizations including the Textile Society of AmericaSurface Design AssociationEmbroiderers Guild of AmericaAmerican Needlepoint Guild, and the Costume Society of  America.  This just scratches the surface of the breadth of information about textiles.  I have my eye on an online class offered by the Embroiderers Guild that I hope to take soon.  Many of these organizations provide opportunities to learn both onsite and online.  Many museums also have incredible textile collections and you may have one right next door.  

Textile groups and resources exist far and wide of course.  While visiting Versailles a couple of years ago, Frederique Crestin-Billet, owner of Sajou, took me to one of her favorite haunts, Musée de la Toile de Jouy. This is an incredible place.  This museum documents this history of toile fabric including every step in the manufacturing process they used during the 18th century.  Original designs, printing plates and fabrics are displayed.  If you are ever in the neighborhood, this is a must see for textile lovers.  

Finally I leave you with one more place to visit, both online and in person.  The World of Threads Festival is not just a yearly event featuring artists from around the world.  It is also a site where you can find artist interviews from an incredible range of styles, perspectives and materials.  The Festival is on my list of events to attend.  Updates on details can be found on their website.  

Do you have favorite places to visit?  If so, please share them with us!  Send your recommendations to  Happy stitching...