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Needles, Needles and More Needles

Needles, Pins and Buttons!
Needles, needles, needles....we all use them, but are we using the right ones for the right jobs? Our needle offerings from Maison Sajou are growing by the day and we are so excited about the new styles and the opportunity to offer just the right needle you need for the job.

But first, did you know that early needles were hand-made out of bone and used for sewing skin over 17,000 years ago by Western Europeans and Central Asians. Ivory needles were found in Russia to be over 30,000 year old, and Native Americans use the agave plant as both needle and thread. We now have needles for a multitude of uses. For those who have trouble threading a needle for simple sewing, we have a new style that makes that easy!
For those unfamiliar with the French words here are some translations:
Aiguilles= needles

Aiguilles a Coudre = sewing

Aiguilles a Broder= embroidery

Aiguilles Mode= Milliner

Aiguilles a Rerpriser= Darning

Aiguilles Patchwork = Patchwork/Quilting
This week we are offering 15% off of all needle, pins and button orders of $20 or more. No coupon needed. Your discount will automatically appear. This offer is good through Sunday, July 16. Quantities are limited for some styles.