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Needles for All Occasions

Needles for All Occasions

There are so many different needles and choosing the right one for the type of work you are doing can make a HUGE difference in your enjoyment of the needlework experience.  Sewing, Crewel, Embroidery, Tapestry, Chenille, Milliners, Beading, Ribbon are some of the common names.  

The anatomy of a needle is common to all of these:  Size, Point, Width, Length and Eye.  The variations in these characteristics is what identifies the type of needle.  

Size:  Needles come in is many sizes.  The larger the numbered needle the thinner the needle.  Sound contradictory? Maybe, but it's a good rule to remember.  So a number 24 tapestry needle is great work working with Aida fabric which is 14 count.  For 32 count linen fabric the preferred size is a size 26 needle.  

Point:  For many hand applications you need needles with a rounded or blunt point.  This prevents splitting the fabric as you work on even weave materials such as Aida or Linen.  A pointed needle is great when working with a closely woven material or when you have to pierce through a thick area when doing surface design.

Width and Length:  You will notice that some needles are the same width from top to bottom while others taper to the point.  When I first began working with different techniques I realized how much easier it was to change from one needle to another in the same piece in order to perfect different stitches.  For example, I Iove bullion knots and never realized how much easier they would be if I used a Milliner needle.  I assumed those were just for working on hats!  

We have many different needles here at Trés Chic Stitchery, and we know you will enjoy working with them.  All of them are made in France of stainless steel to exacting specifications.  We are so sure you will like them that we are giving a package of Embroidery needles away when you sign up for our newsletter.  Please take advantage of this offer and let us know how you like them.   

Free Embroidery Needles

May your thread move smoothly with your needles!