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Let a Photograph Be Your Guide

Many of us like to create our own patterns and images to stitch but are afraid of the blank fabric, canvas or stitching surface.  We recently started working with Stick n Stitch, a water-soluble sheet that has a mild sticky back.  You can draw on this or print a photograph on it using your computer printer.  We have experimented with manipulating photos by changing them into drawings with various apps and Photoshop.  Lately I have been just printing photos on the sheets and working right into the image.  Using this technique gives you more freedom than you might imagine.  You can pick and choose what part of an image you want to use.  You can superimpose images on top of each other.  I have printed photos in black and white and also in color.  Once you have finished stitching your image you simply run cool water over the piece and the Stick n Stitch dissolves leaving only your stitches on the fabric.  We used this technique in our Stitched Portrait workshop and you will find pre-printed sheets in the GG Embroidery kits.  

Here is an example of a piece in progress and the final version.  


This image was originally a photo that was modified into a drawing.  

Here is another example of a work in progress (WIP) where the stitches are worked into a color photograph printed on Stick n Stitch.  For this one we are combining Retors du Nord cotton threads along with the intense color of Sajou's silk threads.

One piece I worked on had text, and I found that I had to use a larger font size for accuracy with the words.  If you want to use text make sure you write large enough for the letters to be formed well with your stitches, or print the words onto the Stick n Stitch in a large, clear font.