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Heidi Zielinski - Fiber Into Art - Quilter

Heidi Zielinski - Fiber Into Art - Quilter

Heidi Zielinski loves the touch and feel of fabric and the infinite possibilities for combining color, line and texture when creating her quilts.  She loves how quilting the layers creates texture and shadow on the quilt surface.  She uses commercial fabric and also creates her own materials by dyeing, painting and stamping fabric.  "I use fabric, thread, and beads to create art that is reflective of nature and the Western United States.  I live in Western Montana at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, so it would be almost impossible not to go outside and appreciate the beauty of this place.  Here in the Bitterroot Valley there is a river, streams, wildlife refuge, small charming towns, ranches and gorgeous views of mountains with hiking trails."

We chose Heidi to be our artist for May because of her work reflecting this area of the country.  Heidi 's mother was an avid quilter and her father is a watercolor painter of local birds and their habitats.  She is inspired by many different artists including Annemieke Mien, Katie Pasquini-Masopust, Dottie Moore, Wen Redmond and Larkin Jean Van Horn.  "There is a commonality in these artists that involves the use of textural elements and depth created using their medium to successfully capture light, shadow and feeling.  That is what I hope to create with my own work."  For more information about Heidi and her work, visit her website:  Heidi Zielinski


                                                               "Kicking Up Dust"



                                                                   Western Theme 1

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