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Generational Gifts of Needlepoint and Cross-Stitch

When I was growing up my mother and grandmother always had needlework projects in process.  My grandmother was an expert in needlepoint, cross- stitch and knitting.  Her needlepoint works can be found in many of our family members' homes,  My uncle has a great "Picasso" that she completed, and I have a Toulouse Lautrec as well as 2 petit point silhouettes.  When I look at the latter, I wonder how she managed to work with those tiny stitches. 

My mother was the recipient of a fabulous landscape.  We look at it each day with wonder knowing that this piece was completed when Sophie was well into her 80's.  

Throughout the years we have all treasured these pieces, and it has instilled in all of us the value of gifts that are handmade.  No matter how small the piece, the stitches represent time, skill, caring and love from the maker.  For me they also represent the memories I have of Sophie, who passed away many years ago.  

We hope that you have projects to pass on as heirloom gifts this holiday season.  You still have time to stitch projects, and we are here to help with many recommendations.