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Feature of the Week | The HeadWrap from the GG Embroidery Collection

Feature of the Week | The HeadWrap from the GG Embroidery Collection

Hello and welcome back to the blog. This will be the first of a new weekly blog post where we will features items from the shop. Let us know in the comments if you have any questions. 

In a previous blog post we introduced The GG Embroidery Collection. We are excited to share the latest addition to the collection; The HeadWrap. Historically, the headwrap is seen as more than a beauty statement. A headwrap is a sign of respect and in some cultures, marital status. We, however, love the beauty of this piece. 

The kit comes in two palettes: cool or warm. Each kit includes includes 5 colors of Retors du Nord cotton thread from Sajou and 1 spool of metallic thread from Threadnuts. The metallic thread is hand-painted and really makes the piece pop. Also included is the Stitch n Stitch artwork, 1/2 of a fat quarter of Sajou linen in natural, two embroidery needles, a wooden hoop, and a stitch guide. 

As you can see from the pictures, you can absolutely make it your own. The guide is simply a suggestion if you don't have your own idea. You can add hair or not, follow the lines exactly or not, use all the colors or not. This, as well as all the other kits, gives room for the maker in you to shine. 

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