Barbara Jurgs Koppang - The Oddest Goddess



Over ten years ago I was at a show and met this wonderful woman and her husband.  The booth was filled with charming characters and Santa's of various shapes and sizes.  The artist, Barbara Jurgs Koppang, explained how she collects fabrics, fibers and embellishments and uses them in her work.  She is known for using a variety of objects including sticks, stones vintage buttons, beads, upcycled wool and remnants of quilts.  She ties it all together with clay that she sculpts into faces and figures.  Each piece is like a story that you can read into the expression of the faces she forms. Barbara loves altering objects with a wide variety of techniques.

Our Oddest Goddess grew up in Iowa and has lived in various places throughout the Midwest.  Six years ago she and her family moved to Utah where she has her studio.  She is a fourth generation artist and is mostly self taught.  We are so pleased to be featuring her work during this holiday season.  She has created a series of pin cushions for us that you can find in our Unique Gifts section.  You can see more of her work on her Pinterest Page and follow on Instagram as well.  Her imaginative pieces just make you smile!